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With the help of as many as 76 open-ended questions and game elements, it is possible to assess players' (and their own) social skills and problem-solving abilities, participate in the decision-making process, get to know themselves and others better, and develop awareness. It is a wonderful help in integrating new members of the group, bringing the family together.
For example, when playing together, you will see how players are doing: taking turns, making eye contact, following and/or understanding the rules, maintaining a conversation, dealing with losses or wins, thinking beyond the turn but also planning ahead, encouraging other players, expressing express your opinion, show empathy, adapt, express your feelings, trust others, ask for help, ask questions, communicate with others, express your creativity, vulnerability, etc.
The game also allows you to not answer a question, look at the other's cards, change the course of the game, etc., so it is very interesting to watch what decisions each player makes, what decisions you make yourself - whether you are more inclined to open or strategize to win.
Not only is this game great for building relationships or starting meaningful conversations, but it's also an amazing therapy aid! The game invites you to reflect on your existing strengths, opportunities for growth and actions that strengthen a positive self-concept, not by causing pressure, but by bringing fun. It is a cozy, adventurous game not only for family game nights, classes for children and teenagers, but also for therapy groups. This is a wonderful, enriching gift for everyone!

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