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A snack box is a better and simpler way to pack healthy snacks for children. Beautiful design, colors and comfortable shape for both mother and baby to hold. Eating out of these boxes is much more fun!

Now you can pack all kinds of snacks: berries, nuts or any other food together. They will stay fresh, not crushed. Easy to open, even for the smallest hands.

This snack box will be an indispensable item in kindergarten, school, on an excursion, while driving or on a picnic, because it has a comfortable handle. Shake and rattle as much as you like, the snacks will still stay inside! That's what those little snack containers are like - the corn or cookies only appear when they are taken out by hand! This silicone snack box can come in two sizes as it folds up. It has an additional dustproof cover.

The snack box is made of environmentally friendly plastic that does not contain BPA and phthalates. Can be washed in the dishwasher. From now on, eating and cleaning will be even more fun.

Make mealtime fun and stylish!

Gift idea for christening or birthday.

Folded box size: 10x7x3 cm.

Unfolded box size: 10x7x9 cm.

Manufacturer: The Cotton Cloud. German design.

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