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Mosaic Fish with 38 pieces is a beautiful and bright toy that will captivate any child!
The set includes 8 pictures with good characters and positive stories. Gather a colorful butterfly, a sea turtle, a goldfish, a cute bear cub, a fruit still life, a car, forest mushrooms, or wildflowers.

The set includes:
• board for 38 chips (34.8 x 23.3 cm)
• two-sided pictures – 4 pcs. (34.5 x 23 cm)
• colored six-sided counters – 20 pcs. (5 colors, size – 2.5 cm)
• colored six-sided counters – 30 pcs. (5 colors, size – 4 cm)
• eyes – 2 pcs. (size – 4 cm)
How to play?
Before starting the game, you need to insert the picture that the kid wants to collect into the game board. Place the board in front of the child and place chips of different colors and shapes around.
The kid will have to figure out which chip is suitable for each cell. The pictures left hints in the form of colored silhouettes of circles, squares and triangles.
The chips have a large size and a smoothed shape, so the game will be safe for the child.
Mosaic lessons for the little ones train finger flexibility, pinch grip, logical thinking and learn to distinguish between shades of colors and shapes of objects.


This game set is suitable for both girls and boys.

Manufacturer: Far Far Land, Czech Republic

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