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Children's multifunctional stylish design adjustable wooden table with chair. The adjustable height allows the desk to be used throughout the preschool and primary education period - from 18 months to adolescence.

The original design of children's furniture is based on the basic principles of Montessori pedagogy. Easily accessible objects in an accessible place that meet the child's physiological needs allow the child to plan activities independently.

When it's raining and your child's time is too long and yours is too short, open the gate to the adventure of your dreams! The Luula table set is for studying or just playing. The height of the table is adjustable, so it can be used from the time the child begins to sit at the table independently until adolescence. Your child is given the first individual place where children can manage their inner world and be creative in different ways. The table will facilitate the work of development specialists and free your child from screens at home!

"Help me do it myself!" - these famous words of Maria Montessori. The Luula table will allow the child to work independently. Designed for preschoolers and elementary school children, it can easily be transformed into a table for studying or just playing. The table will give the child independent opportunities to work, will help maintain a certain order and cleanliness in the living space:

- be creative and plan activities independently;
- draw and write using different types of stationery and colors;
- learn in an attractive, multisensory way, inventing and including new, innovative game elements in learning;
- develop spatial thinking;
- work with kinetic or ordinary sand, plasticine or small table toys; in storage;
- table edges provide a sense of personal space and security, reduce stress, and encourage creativity;
- when the game is interrupted, the table can be locked to resume later.

Table surface: 90 x 50 cm;
Adjustable surface height: 49-67 cm;
Total table height: 81 cm;
Chair seat dimensions: 36 x 28;
Chair height: 66 cm;
Adjustable seat height: 28-42 cm

Suitable for children from 2 - 12 years old

Made in Latvia.

We will prepare the order in 3-5 days;
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