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Adjustable chair for children with a stylish design. The adjustable height allows the chair to be used throughout the preschool and primary education period - from 18 months to adolescence.

From the age of 2, the little one in the seat, Julia, will be able to feel safe and stable, because the armrests will not allow her to fall off the seat. The legs of the chair are wider on the outside and connected at the bottom, which allows you to maintain stability even on uneven surfaces. In turn, the armrests of a school-age child will be lower so as not to restrict movement. The armrests are not high, because according to the advice of physiotherapists, students should choose chairs without armrests, so that they do not get used to sitting at the table with one hand leaning on the support.

The seat is padded so that the edge of the seat does not press against the thighs. The back lining is removable. It is fixed with adhesive tape. You will be able to choose the height that has the soft backrest you need! Material - organic velvet furniture fabric in mint green color, which will suit any interior, as it is not bright and is similar to the color of indoor plants.

By choosing this ergonomically designed chair, you won't have to buy a new chair as your child grows!!

Dimensions of the chair, Julia:
Seat height 26-40 cm
Seat width 28.5 cm
The height of the armrests is 40 cm
Back height 59 cm

Dimensions of the chair, Lula:
Seat dimensions: 36 x 28 cm
Chair height: 66 cm
Adjustable seat height: 28-42 cm

The chair, Julia, is suitable for children from 2 to 10 years old
The chair, Lula, is suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old

Made in Latvia.

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