One-color nursing gowns for mom

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Multifunctional feeding, breastfeeding cloak for mother - this is a comfortable and simple cloak for mothers who want to feed their baby calmly and without stress in public. And that's not all.

With this shirt you will also be able to:
- Comfortably breastfeed your baby at any time and in any place;
- Cover both the stroller and the car seat on a windy day;
- To form a shadow both in the stroller and in the car seat when the sun is shining;
- Use as a mat in shopping carts, so that the child sits in it more softly and does not come into contact with possible dirt;
- As a blanket for a child;
- Protect the baby from mosquitoes and other insects (hood with net);
Shirts are sewn from stretchy fabrics, the colors of which are limited.

Attention, use cloaks responsibly! Do not keep the cape close to hot surfaces. On hot days, we recommend leaving the hood half open to protect the child from overheating. And never leave your child covered without adult supervision!

Nursing gowns for moms are a great gift for any current or future mom!

Let's enjoy breastfeeding without restrictions!

Manufacturer: made in Lithuania.