Plush puppy - Yorkshire 25 cm

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This is an exclusive Orange Toys, Lucky Yoyo puppy - Yorkshire. Extra soft fur, great clothes, shoes and accessories. The toy will bring a very good mood to any home and will be a true friend for every child.

  • Handmade;
  • Height: 25 cm in the sitting position, 38 cm in the standing position;
  • In the beautiful box, you will find colorful stickers, a coloring book, a clothes hanger frame, hangers so that the Yorkshire woman's clothes are always neatly hung;
  • High-quality clothing and accessories of different textures;
  • Care - needs to be properly fed, loved and cared for;
  • Fur - short and long-haired, dense, plush;
  • Can be hand washed. Do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry in the dryer;
  • Certified toys.

A cute plush toy can be a baby's best friend during sleep and will help calm him down when he is sad.

The toy is packed in a beautiful box, it can be a great gift.

Manufacturer: Orange Toys

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