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What do you cover your little one with after he falls asleep? What do you wrap your child in on a longer trip when the weather cools down? What do you take with you when you're out in nature or on a stroller ride in cooler weather? Most likely, many of you choose a soft and warm blanket. And now the grown-up children are already on their own, without waiting for anything, looking for something cozy and cute when they want to curl up on the sofa to watch movies or read books. Therefore, we probably won't be wrong when we say that many parents who raise children would name the plaid as one of the necessary items in the children's wardrobe. And if you choose a natural plaid, it's only merino wool, and if it's also handmade, it's the number one item.

Merino wool children's blanket is very soft, plump and gentle. The blanket is cozy and warm. Merino wool is extremely delicate and does not irritate the baby's sensitive skin. It is a wool with soft, soft hairs and a strong structure, which makes it elastic and durable, light and warm. Its fibers have a special, complex structure that behaves similar to our skin: it naturally cools and warms the body when needed, so it is suitable for use all year round, preventing the baby from overheating or freezing. This is especially important for premature babies or babies who are still learning to regulate their body temperature. Merino fiber is natural and chemical-free. It does not accumulate bacteria, mites and fungi, which often cause allergies.
This blanket will be perfect both during walks and at home, which will guarantee a comfortable and extremely soft touch. The cute plaid will really fit perfectly into the interior of the child's room, as a stylish and cozy interior detail and will perfectly decorate the house as a beautiful decoration.


In order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the product and the properties of wool, it is recommended to wash in cool (no more than 30 C) water using a delicate program for wool (no more than 400 cycles) with detergents for merino wool or detergents containing lanolin. Do not rub strongly, do not spin, do not dry in a dryer, do not iron, do not bleach. Dry in a horizontal position.

Don't forget! Wool is a unique fabric, reacting with oxygen it has a special property of "cleaning" itself, so we suggest airing it in fresh air more often.

SIZE: 100cm x 90cm (+/- 2cm)

COMPOSITION: Merino wool 80%, acrylic 20%

Packaged in a beautiful box. This is a warm and lovely gift for your or your loved ones' little one.

Made in Lithuania.

! The color and patterns of the product may differ slightly from those shown in the photo