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The handmade training tower is made of natural birch plywood. Ergonomic Montessori learning tower (kitchen tower, assistant). Children like it very much because it helps them to explore their environment independently. All corners of the turret are rounded, so there are no sharp corners. The tower is covered with water-based varnish, which are non-toxic to the child's health and comply with the standard EN 71-3.

So what is the Montessori method?
The Montessori method emphasizes special respect for the child and his self-expression. Every child is unique, so he must be provided with all the conditions and activities where he can express his individuality, independence and freedom, which is important for his development, knowledge and education. M. Montessori said that every tool should help the child to go on the path of independence.

Principles of M. Montessori methodology:
  • Child independence, individuality;
  • Responsible for freedom;
  • Activity;
  • The freedom of choice;
  • Learning, monitoring and education.

Montessori educational tools and toys not only teach to recognize new objects and names, but also teach independence, freedom, free imagination, and give individuality. Most of these games do not have strict, defined rules - it is a free and non-binding learning process.

Take your children on a fun and unique learning journey with the Montessori Tower.

Intended for children from 1.5 to 4 years old.

Standard dimensions: height 90 cm, width 40 cm, length 42 cm. Height of the first step : 23 cm, platform height 38 cm.

You can choose from several body colors: natural, white, black and gray body.

Made by Duckwoodworks, Latvia.

ATTENTION: In this period, the product is produced after receiving the order, so the delivery time is about 2 - 3 weeks.