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Handmade soft plush doll Sunny in a gift box.

Red-haired Sunny is always sporty and with a sunny mood, never staying in one place for long. You will often see her helping her mother at home, with her father in the store, watering flowers in the garden or doing other useful activities. When outside, and especially in summer, when the hot sun shines high overhead, the doll hides from it under a yellow hat. And it's never hot with white shorts. However, if the sun hides, a green sweater with an uplifting inscription comes to the rescue. The legs are decorated with fashionable sneakers.

  • Handmade;
  • Doll height: 32 cm ;
  • Each doll's face is unique, carefully drawn by artists and digitally printed on fabric;
  • Has cute and expressive facial features;
  • The dolls have a flexible frame, so they can sit, stand and even pose easily;
  • Hair of the highest quality that can be combed and styled;
  • High-quality clothes and accessories of different textures are easy to remove and change;
  • Dolls packed in gift boxes: 36 x 14 x 10 cm;
  • Recommended for children from 3 years;
  • Hand wash. Do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry in the dryer.

This is one of the Sweet Sisters collection, created by the Latvian manufacturer Orange Toy, dolls, of which there are six inseparable friends in total. This one, like the others - Bilie, Sunny, Tina, Sophie and Lilu, has a flexible frame inside, thanks to which the dolls can be placed, seated, and create different positions of arms or legs. Each of them can be chosen with different clothes or can be purchased separately. It is recommended to buy additional clothes separately a little later, when the toy gets tired. New clothes cost little and the doll will look completely new. The faces of all the dolls are painted, giving each of them different character traits and looks. This is a distinctive feature.

It's not just a doll, it's a best friend forever!

Manufacturer: Orange Toys

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