Wooden racing cars with garages

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A puzzle of colored wooden blocks, which consists of 25 blocks and 5 racing cars. The blocks are ideal for building and fun games. The cars have different emotions, which are highlighted even more by the different colors of the blocks, thus contributing to the development of the child's empathy and emotional intelligence. Also, every car has a number.

These blocks and the car will help your child recognize:

  • different colors;
  • various forms;
  • different emotions;
  • during the game you can learn to count and add vocabulary.

The toy is made of ecological materials and has no small parts, so it is completely safe for the child. The wooden elements are painted in light colors that will make every child happy.

  • Recommended age from 2 years;
  • Package size: 11x40.5x47 cm ;
  • Number of parts: 30 units;

This game set is suitable for both girls and boys.

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