Magnetic puzzle - History

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Discover a large, magnetic, historical puzzle with 4 puzzles, 50 magnetic pieces. The magnetic puzzle will allow the whole family to rediscover a boring story. Let your child get to know the story while playing. The eras of history are represented by the colors of the puzzle: from prehistoric times to the present day. 4 puzzles, need to be stacked one above the other or end to end to make a 3 meter long puzzle. The puzzle encourages concentration and learning.

Can you find all the right places for the 50 magnetic pieces?

Periods of history:
- Prehistory;
- Antiquity;
- Middle age;
- Modern Times and Modern Era.

Dimensions of 1 puzzle: 75 x 15 cm;
Box dimensions: 75 x 16 x 6 cm;
Number of magnetic parts: 50;
Materials: hard cardboard box, magnetic parts.

This puzzle makes a great gift for school-aged children.

Recommended for children from 7 - 12 years old.

Manufacturer: Vilac, France