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Soft and unique, the square training mat that grows with the child is suitable from birth. All mothers know that babies love to lie on their backs or stomachs. Therefore, this multi-functional mat is perfect for starting to roll over, doing abdominal exercises, strengthening the neck muscles or just lazy but soft rolling on the floor. When the child grows up, the mat will adapt and warm the legs near the bed, and will be ideal for a tent or canopy. This educational mat has a unique design and a variety of colors and shapes, allowing them to be adapted even to the unique decor of the child's room. The unique shape makes this mat very compact and multi-functional. When the games are over, this rug can be folded up and placed in a corner or propped up against the wall, creating a new play space with great, soft backrests.

The rug is gentle and soft, it will be warm and cozy on it. The baby or child will feel like they are on the clouds. Easy to maintain, removable cover, washable.

Game mat dimensions: 120 x 120 / folded 60 x 60 x 20 cm;
Mat thickness: 5 cm;
Composition - 77% certified cotton, 23% polyester.

Manufacturer: Meowbaby

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