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Handmade steps for children are made of natural birch plywood. Children like it very much because it helps them to explore their environment independently. All the corners of the step are rounded, so there are no sharp corners. The tower is covered with water-based varnish, which are non-toxic to the child's health and comply with the standard EN 71-3.

Help your little ones by giving them the right tools to develop faith, independence, scope and push their boundaries. The ladder teaches you to get to know new objects, names, independence, freedom, frees your imagination, and gives you individuality. Most of these games do not have strict, defined rules - it is a free and non-binding learning process. The step will help turn simple cooking into an unforgettable experience for you and your little helper, and the child will be at a safe distance from sharp objects. From now on, you will no longer have to wash the dishes, because your child can easily do it himself, moving the steps as he wants.

This is the best deal you can get because it includes: play station, independence, steps and shhh - extra hands and quick dishes to wash (may need extra training :)).

Seriously, this product is a great help for any child. It will help you wash your hands, brush your teeth, help mom cook or reach the top shelves where the cookies are hidden. The minimalist design is perfect for any style of interior.

Measurements: Height - 26 cm, Width - 40 cm, Depth - 41.5 cm. Height of the first step: 11 cm, Height of the platform: 26 cm.

Take your kids on a fun and unique learning journey together.

Intended for children from 1.5

You can choose from several body colors: natural, white, black and gray body. The steps are delivered unassembled. The instructions come with a step and it is very easy to assemble.

Made by Duckwoodworks, Latvia.

ATTENTION: In this period, the product is produced after receiving the order, so the delivery time is about 2 - 3 weeks.