Air-permeable insert for the stroller

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A new generation of breathable stroller insert that helps to solve the problem of a damp back on hot days.

  • Made of 100% bamboo fabric;
  • A velvet band is sewn into the legs;
  • The padding of the insert is Memory Foam, a modern, technologically advanced material that allows moisture to evaporate and regulate temperature;
  • The insert protects the stroller from dirt;
  • Enlivens the stroller with its unique graphics and gives it a completely new design;
  • Has 8 holes for 5-point belts;
  • Universal and suitable for almost every stroller;
  • Stroller liners are sewn by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail;
  • Intended for little ones from 6 to 36 months.

The insert has a removable belt loop to attach the Butterfly travel pillow, the top part has cords for attachment to the stroller, and the back part has two wide elastic bands for additional attachment of the insert.

Bamboo material is antibacterial, anti-allergic and anti-fungal. It absorbs water 60% better than cotton, absorbs unpleasant odors and is completely biodegradable. The bamboo from which this fabric is woven is free of pesticides and pollutants. 30% of the bamboo fabric is self-cleaning. It is characterized by thermoregulatory properties, thanks to which it maintains two degrees lower than the ambient temperature in hot weather. Bamboo is the most pleasant, delicate and at the same time the most natural fabric you can give your child, it protects against overheating and sweating. The 100% bamboo stroller pad is recommended for children with ATZ (atopic dermatitis).

This insert is perfect as a stylish gift for your friends' little ones, a baby shower or any other beautiful occasion.

Made in Poland

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