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The balance beam will teach your child to maintain balance and coordination. You can balance on a balance beam at home. A great game that doesn't take up much space and encourages movement. Balancing develops the child's posture, balance and coordination. Various surfaces massage the child's feet. The beam can be used by several children at the same time, thus improving the child's social skills and learning to share and help each other. It supports the child's desire to move and be active while training the muscles.

Let kids learn while playing! Let them feel a sense of accomplishment once they reach the end of the trail!
The minimalist design allows it to match any interior. The beam is strong but light enough that children can move it around and change positions and shapes themselves.

  • Suitable for children from 18 months to 8 years;
  • Made of high-quality plywood (thickness - 27 mm) and coated with water-based UV paint/varnish that is safe for children;
  • For indoor use only;
  • The balance beam consists of: 1 segment with horizontal milled lines on one side. The other side is flat and can be used for balancing.
    1 segment with twisted nylon rope around both sides. Both ends have metal fasteners.
    1 segment with dots on one side. The other side is flat;
  • Balance beam dimensions: MINI - 3 segments (58 cm each), 3 connecting platforms. MIDI - 3 segments (115 cm each), 3 connecting platforms;
  • Beams can be made into triangles, zigzags and many other shapes;
  • The balance beam is sent disassembled, in a box.

You can always extend your balance beam kit by ordering additional beams. If you want a different length, please contact us.

Made in Latvia.

We will prepare the order in 2-3 days;
We will deliver to your home in 2-3 days;

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