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Maybe some of you have already discovered the balance board, while others are hearing about this exercise and game tool for the first time. Oh in vain!

Balance board with felt at home - fun entertainment for the whole family.

The balance board is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for a variety of purposes and in virtually any environment.

Experts recommend these balance boards for children and beyond for everyday use because of their multitude of uses. It is useful not only for improving the functions of muscles, ankle and knee joints, for concentration of attention, for general toning, but also for weight correction. Also, studies have shown that regular balance exercises improve memory and spatial awareness. It should also not be forgotten that it is not only sports equipment, but also a great tool for creativity. The balance board can become: a bridge, a means of hiding, a chair, a slide, an obstacle course. Just let your child's imagination run wild. This board has no age restrictions.

The balance board is a safe product that complies with the principles of the famous Maria Montessori pedagogical method. This ensures that the child learns while playing. The simple Scandinavian design of the board is perfect for any interior.

This balance board with felt allows you to balance on hard surfaces and protects the board and floor from damage.

Felt has a tendency to bubble. This is a natural feature of this material and does not affect the functionality of the product. We recommend gently wiping the felt with a damp cloth and wiping it dry. Frequent contact with moisture causes the felt to fall off the board, so make sure the toy is always dry.

Measurements: length - 80 cm, width - 30 cm, height - 18 cm, thickness: 1.5 cm;
Weight: 3.3 kg;
Maximum load 200 kg;
Made of birch wood. The finish is child friendly. Lacquered with water-based varnish, certified oil that meets the PN-EN 71-3 standard;

Recommended for use on carpet;
Smooth, rounded edges.

Delivery time 5 - 7 working days.

Manufacturer: MeowBaby