Baby blanket Leopard

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What do you cover your little one with after he falls asleep? What do you wrap your child in on a longer trip when the weather cools down? What do you take with you when you're out in nature or on a stroller ride in cooler weather? Most likely, many of you choose a soft and warm blanket or blanket. And now the grown-up children are already on their own, without waiting for anything, looking for something cozy and cute when they want to curl up on the sofa to watch movies or read books. Therefore, we probably won't be wrong when we say that many parents who are raising children would name a blanket or a blanket as one of the necessary items in the children's wardrobe.

A soft blanket that can be used perfectly for afternoon naps, when the weather warms up, for long pram rides outside or as a cover on a car trip.

The blanket can be used on both sides, with one side in gray and the other with black stripes and a cloud print.


In order to maintain the aesthetic appearance and properties of the product, it is recommended to wash in cool (no more than 30 C) water, using a gentle program (no more than 800 rpm). Do not rub strongly, do not spin, do not dry in a dryer, do not bleach. Compare using the cotton and bamboo app.

SIZE: 80 x 100 cm, (+/- 2 cm);

COMPOSITION: Outer - 100% cotton, filling - 100% polyester;

This is a warm and lovely gift for your or your loved ones' little one.

Made in Belgium