Kissed by the sun and sea 🏖

Kissed by the sun and sea 🏖

Our family is currently on vacation⛱. We contributed a full suitcase 🧳 of various things and guess what - do we use everything? So of course not. Because when traveling with children, you need to be ready for everything 😁. A first aid kit for all diseases, clothes for all seasons, etc. Well, mothers (and fathers?!) will understand 😅 .

While everything is 'on the wave', I hasten to share the very best 💯 'tricks' that have been working for a few days now. So, settle in and go.

⚜️ Sunglasses

Necessary. With such a sun, it is necessary to protect the eyes of everyone - both small and large - 🕶. I tried not to tan my nose for a while (ah, the 'glasses without glasses' line), then my eyes got really tired, I had to use a lot of eye drops to recover..

⚜️ Hat

A tidy, high-quality and sun-protective (for children) hat 👒 is simply a 'must'. In order not to get sunstroke and enjoy your vacation.

⚜️ Drinking house

Well, I think there is no need to expand here. I would just like to recommend taking a thermos 🥤 that keeps the water cool and doesn't boil like tea..

⚜️ Poncho

You know, to my surprise, after bathing, the little one very willingly asks for it to be thrown on (to dry off, warm up, wrap around...) and runs around in the sand or does some other activity 🐼. Really, I used to think that a towel would be enough, why bother with that suitcase, and yet... It worked out for us. If any wind blows from the sea, it's fun at all.

⚜️ Swimming accessories

This time we brought several options 🐳 - vest, inflatable wheel, shoulder pads, raft. We also included fun floating toys. For us, the wheel-flaming 🦩 is the top of the tops. Even while we are basking in the sun, he lies next to us. But I think the advice would be to try for yourself what the child likes better, there are even more options. Just maybe carrying everything was not such a good idea, it had to be tried. It's just that we didn't have such an opportunity in Lithuania..

Well, the list 📃 is a bit longer if we include snack boxes for bathing and hungry friends, etc., but I tried to present the most authentic ones. I hope I made your preparation a little easier.

One, two, three... Beak 🦊 VACATION continues! 🐬

PS We recommend it to you too! 🥰