Who is Snape??

Who is Snape??


So glad you stopped by!

SNAPĖ is not the work of one person, but the entire team whose love, care and responsibility work miracles and help create a happy childhood.

SNAPĖS home and family have been continuing the adventure journey together with you for nine years. It's hard to believe that time flies so quickly.

But all from the beginning...

Navigating the multifaceted, rapidly changing parenthood, seeing how quickly children grow, we realized how valuable and important childhood and time with loved ones is. And it was a shame to waste that precious time, looking for that one and only desired toy , high-quality furniture or details for the child's room that grow together. This is how, step by step, Snape's house was organically born. Why Snape? Because Fox Beaks fulfill a great parenting principle - in addition to care and love, they adapt extremely well to various conditions, are very intelligent and, of course, great parents!

This is how our Snape family values ​​quality, exclusivity, takes a responsible approach to their activities, understanding what a real colorful childhood, multifaceted parenting, and time with loved ones are.

Behind the walls of Snape's house are two mothers who know how difficult it is to find and choose something that best meets the various needs of child care and education, that would appeal not only to children, but also to parents. Therefore, stylish, comfortable, high-quality, fun, educational, colorful, exclusive and interesting items with their own values ​​and history are always waiting for you in this place.

At Snepė's house, you will find everything you may need, from feeding and learning to eat independently to educational games for understanding and naming the child's feelings.

When forming our product range, we aim for joy to overshadow worry! It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, a baby or an entire kindergartener, loves to draw or...imitate mom's work: here you will find toys focused on different interests and abilities of children. In our store, there is not only a wide range of colors, which are so interesting to children, but also a large educational assortment that will fully educate your little one. And what is more important is that the items are made of strong and sustainable materials that do not harm the environment or children.

Most of the goods are made of wooden toys , which can successfully delight more than one child. After all, gifts for children are very important. Every moment counts when raising children. Toys often play a special role in the lives of children and become friends, comforters or even advisors. Therefore, carefully selected gifts are not only joy, but also education, emotions, impressions!

We are happy to be a part of beautiful memories not only for the little ones, but also for their parents.

We value quality and exceptional design, which is why the goods we sell are manufactured in Lithuania and other European countries, meet the highest quality requirements and are appreciated all over the world.

Our team is always ready to help and provide you with pleasant service, advise and help you find the best solution.

Tail wagging with love, Snape! 🦊