What to give children under 1 year for Christmas - 5 simple ideas

What to give children under 1 year for Christmas - 5 simple ideas

It is simple for Santa Claus with older children - they express their dreams and desires in a letter. All you have to do is send the dwarves to deliver the important mail unnoticed. And what to make the youngest happy - children who are not yet 1 years old, who cannot speak and therefore often cannot even dictate a letter? Today's selection of gifts is so wide, but when choosing gifts for the little ones, Snapė would suggest paying attention to quality, practicality and durability. It is better to give a smaller item, but made of safe, natural materials. In this way, we will protect not only the health of the little ones, but also the environment - quality toys, clothes or other everyday items will later be able to make more than one little one happy.

Children of different ages are happy with different gifts. And their price and quantity are really not the most important thing. Snepė offers Santa Claus 5 simple ideas that will make the difficult part easier and make the little ones happy.

1. The best gift is a fun gift package

Maybe we will surprise you, but babies do not yet understand what a gift is and why Santa Claus brings it. Yes, a new unseen toy will interest them and make them happy, but the playful wrapping of the gift or simply colorful wrapping paper will cause them just as much emotion.

This does not mean that we do not recommend giving gifts to children of this age, we simply suggest that children of this age should pay more attention to practicality. Pack in a festive, colorful or original way what you really need, for example: a sleeping bag , a sleeping bag , various blankets , the first eating utensils and tools , overalls , play mats , various chews or playing , soothing toys , etc.

2. Practical gifts

Nicely pack and put not only various toys, but also a nice winter or autumn overall , first shoes or clothes. Of course, it is possible to give a combined gift that would suit not only the baby, but also the mother. After all, a happy mother is a happy family!

3. One big gift

More than one Santa Claus wants to give a gift to a little one, so sometimes the pile of gifts is bigger than the recipient himself. So maybe it would be useful to talk to all the Santa Clauses and offer to unite and give one bigger gift that would make the child and parents happy for a longer time. It could be a high chair, montessori tower , slides , soft play modules , play mats , ball pools , etc.

4. Educational toys

If you still decide to give a toy, we suggest choosing toys that are soothing, relaxing, educational, useful for the child's development, with which he would have fun and develop certain skills. Experience shows that you will never ask with sorting toys . They are interesting for the baby - he develops fine motor skills by touching different figures and trying to fit them in the right place. Even older children find activities with them.

5. The first booklets
Modern parents don't wait for their child to start talking on their own to read books to them, so you can confidently choose such a gift. If not now, it will be useful very soon. If you want the baby to be able to explore and get to know the books by himself, give cloth books as a gift. Such books will not only allow the little one to "taste" them safely, to touch them, to interest them, but also to occupy them for a while.

But most importantly, let's not forget that receiving gifts is fun, but not the most important thing! No matter how old your child is, no matter what gift you decide to give him, first of all, develop an understanding that Christmas is primarily a holiday of comfort, family and love. Because ten years later, the child will not necessarily remember what he got for Christmas, but he will always feel the warmth of the traditions you created.