Halloween: DIY activities with kids

Halloween: DIY activities with kids

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A spooky night is coming 🌒 , where children (and adults) dressed in special costumes go from door to door saying special words: ' Trick or treat '! 🕷 The inside of the house and the yard are decorated with the most terrible creatures: skeletons, vampires, etc., others "wrap themselves" in spider webs 🕸, often they carve out a pumpkin 🎃 and make a lamp out of it.

This holiday is celebrated in October. 31st, is from the USA and is called HALLOWEEN [eng. Halloween].

It is not very popular in Lithuania, but there are people who prepare, organize parties, decorate houses, make decorated food and, of course, sweets. And if your family is one of the latter, who wants to have a fun and productive time - Snapė has prepared even 7 fun games to do with the restless little ones. And of course, we have included some preparations so that you can spend as much time as possible in the company of loved ones. Use your imagination and go!

Happy Halloween! 🦊


Halloween dyi dominoes

You will need : Paper, printer, scissors, good mood.

Procedure : Print the template and cut it according to the lines provided. All - fun moments!

    The preparation is here .

    No. 2 FLAGS

    Halloween banner - 8 flags

    Decorate the room together - let the guests shudder as soon as they step foot in!

    You will need : A4 paper, printer, scissors, thread and needle.

    The preparation is here .


    Helloween DYI pumpkinHelloween DYI pumpkin

    A knife is a sharp object, and children do not always know how to use it carefully. Therefore, you are afraid to give, but you want to decorate pumpkins together? A great solution is a tattooed pumpkin.

    You will need : Paint and brush (optional), temporary tattoos , scissors, pumpkin.

    Procedure : We suggest painting the pumpkin white so that the tattoos can be seen better, but it is not really necessary. Cut and prepare the tattoos , stick them on the dry pumpkin and wet the sponge (make sure the tattoo paper is completely wet) and hold the sponge for about 30 seconds. Glue the paper and - foil! The handsome guy is dressed up..

    No. 4 DECORATIONS #1

    Halloween DIY decorations

    A few ideas and photos from the vastness of the Internet

    Easy to make monsters for home decoration.

    You will need : Toilet paper roll base, colored paper, eyelets (optional), glue, scissors.

    Progress : Use your imagination and make yourself the cutest army of monsters.

    No. 5 DECORATIONS #2

    Halloween DIY decorations

    A few ideas and photos from the vastness of the Internet

    It is usually made as a decoration for decorating a table or any other corner of the house.

    You will need : Sticks, paint and brush (optional), thread, spiders, scissors and glue.

    Process : The sticks can be painted, if there is a desire, then they are glued in the middle on top of each other, wrapped with thread and glued on the spider.

    No. 6 LIGHTS

    Halloween DIY lights

    A few ideas and photos from the vastness of the Internet

    You will need : Jars, paint and brush or marker, candle (we recommend an electric one).

    Process : Paint the jars according to your fantasy, put a candle and enjoy the wonderful lights in the dark.


    Halloween DIYHalloween DIY

    A few ideas and photos from the vastness of the Internet

    You will need : Ear pins, scissors, paper, marker, glue and eyes, small decorations (if you want/have).

    Procedure : cut the ear pins, draw and cut out the skulls and stick them on the sheet. You can decorate the skeletons with both paper-cut bantukas and metal gadgets. Trust your and your children's imagination!

    Quality time with family and loved ones!

    Booo, Snape 👻 🦊