Sunglasses 🕶 - nice or necessary?

Sunglasses 🕶 - nice or necessary?

We all know that the sun's ☀️ rays are harmful. But did you know that both small children and older adults can experience eye burns ?

In fact, the sun is not just a fun, mood-brightening natural phenomenon. Even though the spring sun smiles warmly and warmly through the windows, we should not remain naive. Doctors keep reminding us that it is important to protect the eyes from UV rays on sunny days because of possible eye damage . For this reason, sunglasses should be not only a fashionable accessory for a person, but also a protector of the eyes.

What are the possible eye problems? A long time in the sun can damage the cornea, retina or lens of the eye. One of the most common diseases is inflammation of the front segment of the eye. Photokeratitis (or snow blindness) is an inflammation of the cornea, and photoconjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva caused by UVB rays. UV rays are also one of the most well-known causes of the gradual clouding of the lens of the eye, known as cataracts.

So, moms and dads, be selfish ❗️ , invest in the future of children and take care of healthy vision for the little ones. Sunglasses are recommended not only for adults, but also for the smallest ones.

And the choice is endless. From unbreakable/unbreakable for the smallest to luxurious shapes and colors for the older ones. Do not forget that glasses should be selected accordingly for each age group. That's why Snapė 🦊 recommends unbreakable glasses without small details for babies up to at least 3 years old for safety and peace of mind for parents.

Glasses are not only a style item .

And also a great and practical gift , suitable for any time of the year - after all, the sun shines in winter too! 🎈