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Let the fun begin! A set of 12 colored occupational therapy blocks for your little ones' creative play. The color and structure of the blocks help to develop children's imagination, perception and motor skills, and also contribute to the development of the child's skills and coordination of movements.
Creative blocks can be used to create a variety of structures such as houses, castles and fortresses, as well as obstacle courses that encourage active group play. By creatively combining elements and forming extraordinary elements from blocks, the child learns logical thinking and develops the senses. These soft constructors are a great addition to children's rooms, playrooms in kindergartens, schools, recreational areas, rehabilitation and gymnasiums.

They do not take up much space, are convenient and easy to maintain. Recommended for children from 1 year.
  • Filling: polyurethane foam;
  • The top of the block is closed with a zipper, made of practical synthetic leather;
  • Weight of all blocks: 1.5 kg;
  • Dimensions of one block: 15x15 cm;
  • The package contains: 12 blocks;

Manufacturer: Meowbaby

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