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The heating/cooling pad is extremely practical and easy to use. Not only is it a great toy for babies or children, but it can also be used as a natural healing method. The set includes a heating and cooling bag together with the sleeping bag. The heat emitted by the bag will help the child calm down, fall asleep faster, and warm up in a cold bed or stroller. A warm pad is also used to relieve colic, improve expectoration in bronchitis, relieve muscle pain or fatigue. A great tool for massaging hands or feet. The cold emitted by the bag is not replaced in case of injuries or bruises, nosebleeds, in case of high temperature.

It is a great helper who will cheer you up, hug you and help you whenever you need it!

The sleeping hen is made of soft cotton: "Minky" or "Velvet", which meets the requirements of OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. Its shape and size ensure convenient insertion and secure storage of the heating or cooling bag.

The sleeper comes packaged in a box, making it perfect as a baby shower gift or number 1 purchase for a friend's baby shower.

CAUTION: Never place the bag directly on the child's skin. Use only when placed inside a sleeper. Before use, test the temperature against your skin, such as the inside of your wrist.

Manufacturer: La Millou