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A multi-functional feeding pillow for both mother and baby. It facilitates the first attempts to sit down, helps maintain balance and provides support, perfect for resting while traveling.

It is a pillow whose filling is anti-allergic polyester, thanks to which the pillow easily changes its shape according to the position of the body. Reduces the load on the back and improves general well-being.

When breastfeeding, the pillow makes breastfeeding easier - it helps to comfortably settle into the desired position and reduce back strain.

A nursing pillow can also be used as a safe and soft place to lay your baby safely. The baby is placed a little higher and can freely observe the environment.


In order to maintain the aesthetic appearance and properties of the product, it is recommended to wash in cool (no more than 30 C) water using a gentle program (no more than 800 rpm). Do not rub strongly, do not spin, do not dry in a dryer, do not bleach. Compare using the cotton and bamboo app.

SIZE: 50x40 cm

COMPOSITION: 100% anti-allergic, breathable polyester, silicone fabric filler - elastic and soft; The filling is sewn into the outer layers of the pillow, so the pillow does not change shape with regular use and washing;

The material of the feeding pillow meets the requirements of OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

Packaged in a beautiful linen bag. This is a warm and cute gift for the expectant mother.

Manufacturer: La Millou

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